Review: Icebound by Julie Rowe

Format Read: e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher

Series: -|-
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Romance > Contemporary Romance
Release date:  November 14th 2011
Formats Available: e-Book, kindle, nook
Number of pages: 159 pages

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Book Blurb:

Dr. Emilie Saunderson is driven to finish her late husband’s research. Her quest brings her to Antarctica, where she hopes to find a measure of peace in the isolated and icy wilderness. It’s the last place on earth she expects to be given a second chance at love.

Tom Wolinski loves his work at the bottom of the world. Damaged by his dark past, he has vowed never to get close to anyone—a promise that’s easy to keep in a place with no permanent residents. That is, until Emilie arrives, and he’s irresistibly drawn to her warmth and inner strength.

Emilie has no desire to get involved with another adventurer, and Tom has made it clear he’s not interested in putting down roots. But as they work together to survive in the harshest of climates, they turn to one another for comfort. Is the heat between them enough to melt the ice around their hearts, and bind them together forever?

 My Thoughts:

I though this book has dealt with a lot of issues, for start Emilie decides to finish her late husband researches on Artantica and also try to find some closure for the fact that he’s no longer with her, but once there she gets through on distinct events, and discover that happiness can be found anywhere even when you least expect.

On the other end there’s Tom, and this is his fourth year on the North Pole. He is the boss or as close as that around there, but has some problems following others people rules. He’s a paramedic and hot as they can get, so working around him can be very dangerous.

Is a short book with only 50000 words and very sweet some parts and also quite sad. But this is North Pole and accident happens more here than everywhere else. Loved how Emilie overcomes her sadness from the beginning with some work and a new love, along with unexpected news. But Tom doesn’t hank very high for me, he has issues, sure everyone has one or maybe more, but he’s head deep sinking to believe he’s right, even when people try to help. Don’t know about you guys, but Tom wasn’t for me. That’s why only four starts and the book had a great feel.

Another plus side is the crew, 63 people working there with them, they were fun, some loveable, and others great friends. If you like a romance, I recommend this one.