LA Banks – We Will Miss You Challenge 2012

SOS: LA Banks – We Will Miss You Challenge 2012

January 1 2012 – December 30 2012

This challenge is in memory of Leslie Esdaile Banks (December 11, 1959 – August 2, 2011). L.A. Banks was an American writer. She wrote in various genres, including African American literature, romance, women’s fiction, crime suspense, dark fantasy/horror and non-fiction.

This challenge involves two of her series which you can choose to read one or both: The Vampire Huntress Legend series with twelve (12) books and / or her Crimson Moon series which has six (6) books. You can read (or re-read) one per month, one every other month or at your own pace. Just post to keep us up to date at how you are progressing and any thoughts of the series as you go… (Just be careful of your spoilers). I’ve been trying to tackle this series for a couple of years and would like some company while trying to honor her memory by finishing in 2012.

Vampire Huntress Legend

1 – Minion
2 – The Awakening
3 – The Hunted
4 – The Bitten
5 – The Forbidden
6 – The Damned
7 – The Forsaken
8 – The Wicked
9 – The Cursed
10 – The Darkness
11 – The Shadows
12 – The Thirteenth

Crimson Moon

1 – Bad Blood
2 – Bite the Bullet
3 – Undead on Arrival
4 – Cursed to Death
5 – Never Cry Werewolf
6 – Left for Undead

BONUS Read: The Dark

1 – Surrender the Dark
2 – Conquer the Dark

Vampire Huntress Legend

Minion (Vampire Huntress Legend, #1) The Awakening (Vampire Huntress Legend, #2) The Hunted (Vampire Huntress Legend, #3)The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legend, #4) The Forbidden (Vampire Huntress Legend, #5) The Damned (Vampire Huntress Legend, #6) The Forsaken (Vampire Huntress Legend, #7) The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend, #8) The Cursed (Vampire Huntress Legend, #9) The Darkness (Vampire Huntress Legend, #10) The Shadows (Vampire Huntress Legend, #11) The Thirteenth (Vampire Huntress Legend, #12)

Crimson Moon

Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, #1) Bite the Bullet (Crimson Moon, #2) Undead on Arrival (Crimson Moon, #3) Cursed to Death (Crimson Moon, #4) Never Cry Werewolf (Crimson Moon, #5) Left for Undead (Crimson Moon, #6)

The Dark

Surrender the Dark (The Dark, #1) Conquer the Dark (The Dark, #2)

I’ll join too, but gonna start with just Crimson Moon Series

1. Bad Blood
2. Bite the Bullet
3. Undead on Arrival
4. Cursed to Death
5. Never Cry Werewolf
6. Left for Undead

I already have the first 5, only missing the last one. If I have time I may start the Vampire Huntress Legend.