Romance Review: The Goddess by Robyn Grady

The Goddess (Idol Series, #1)

After college graduation, Helene Masters is excited to land a job in a picturesque Aegean kingdom. Tasked with sprucing up the Prince’s villa, she inadvertently finds herself trapped on the  island with the sexiest man alive. Of course she has to fall for a man who is destined to only marry royalty. 
Darius Vasily, Prince of Teirenias, can’t figure out what pretty, but accident-prone, Helene is doing at his private estate. After dousing him in paint, she disappears inside the secret cave holding the royal family treasure—a fertility statue, but a cave-in traps them both. Now Darius has to figure out how to save them before he kills her for getting them into this mess in the first place—or gives into their amazing chemistry.

Title: The Goddess
Author: Robyn Grady
Series: Idol
Publisher:  Entangled: Indulgence
Format: ebook from NetGalley
ISBN: 162266115X
Genre: Romance
Release date: May 13th 2013
Number of pages: 250


I do love these romances connected with mythology and The Goddess is a good example of a great journey. I liked Darius and he seams like a complete normal guy trying to handle his family and the country, but the best part is Helene, she’s so full of life and makes sure Darius can enjoy a few days without the worry and the regulamentations.

Their relationship is kinda difficult, because she’s a commoner, but Darius is a nice guy and after having sex and facing the consequences of a goddess hoping for the next generation we can clearly see, his life has completely changed, but he still tries to make the right thing.

He could be a little more romantic, but he’s royal and things are different for them growing up, so he’s as good as they come. But he showed a very nurturing side when faced with his sister love affairs, and I really liked him giving up power for a chance.