Review: Crave by Melissa Darnell

imageTitle: Crave
Author: Melissa Darnell
Format Read: 
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Series: The Clann #1
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: October 25th 2011
Formats Available:  paperback, kindle, ebook
Number of pages: 416



Book Blurb:

Savannah Colbert has never known why she’s so hated by the kids of the Clann. Nor can she deny her instinct to get close to Clann golden boy Tristan Coleman. Especially when she recovers from a strange illness and the attraction becomes nearly irresistible. It’s as if he’s a magnet, pulling her gaze, her thoughts, even her dreams. Her family has warned her to have nothing to do with him, or any members of the Clann. But when Tristan is suddenly everywhere she goes, Savannah fears she’s destined to fail.

For years, Tristan has been forbidden to even speak to Savannah Colbert. Then Savannah disappears from school for a week and comes back…different, and suddenly he can’t stay away. Boys seem intoxicated just from looking at her. His own family becomes stricter than ever. And Tristan has to fight his own urge to protect her, to be near her no matter the consequences….

My Thoughts:

I liked two things on this book. One: We discovered the history and some things that made the truce. Two: Loved how different is knowing that she is a daughter of a witch and a vampire. How weird for a girl to have all those hormones and some strange things happening at once.
I liked how Tristan tried to help Savannah since the beginning. He didn’t know about the past or who her family is but still tried to help her when strange persons started to appear, and best them all, he believed her.
Is interesting how racist this society is, they exiled an entire family after years on their side just because of one mistake. Also the vampire side was a bit expected from me since all the books usually show them as terrible individuals.
I think the book has a great plot but this one was a bit long. Hopefully the next will show more action, since we already know the truce is hanging by a thread. I’ll definily read the next one, since this story is so unique.

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Only released Crave, but there will be also Covet (release in 2012) and Consume (release in 2013), there’s no cover released yet.